Direct To Film DTF Printing


Direct To Film DTF Digital Printing is similar to digital heat printing but at the same time, offering a borderless and less thick print. DTF works by applying adhesive on the printing film and then using heat to print onto the product to achieve a seamless print.

DTF Printing and its application

DTF Printing is relatively new to the printing industry and as such not many Tshirt Printer have invested their time and resources into learning this technology.

Vinyl printing is mostly used for customizing the names and numbers on the fabric. But they are limited to only using solid colours. For DTF, images such as Sky Light or camouflage effects can be easily obtain.

This is used for creating other custom designs, too, on the clothing options, such as:

  1. Polo tees
  2. T-shirts
  3. Cups or mugs
  4. Caps
  5. Jackets
  6. Other branding materials, such as, stationery, bags, etc.

Apart from name and number, high quality artwork can also be printed on the transfer to achieve high quality printing that Silkscreen and Direct To Garment DTG cannot attain.

how to achieve the best printing results

DTF Printers requires artwork to have photo quality of at least 300 pixels per inch. Color scheme applied on picture is recommended to be CMYK. Photos should be sent through TIFF files containing actual or larger size of the image.

DTF is more suitable for prints with multi colours to achieve the most optimal print results.

How to start my own dtf printing business

Tshirt Kaki is proud to have our own line of DTF Printers (Kaki DTF) which uses one of the industry’s best print heads.

On top of printers, we are also the Sole Distributor of AcroRIP v10.1 in Singapore (The nearest place to get this software is Indonesia and the US) AcroRIP is one of the industry leading RIP software system that helps “RIP” ink to get its optimal results.


If you wish to start your own DTF Business, feel free to drop us an email.