Direct To Garment DTG Printing

Direct To Garment DTG Printing

Concept of vinyl printing or screen printing has been around us since years. These techniques needed a transfer agent or substrate like paper, stencil, rubber to apply the print on the garment. With the advancement in printing technology, the use of these substrate has been eliminated. The technique that allows printing the design or artwork directly on the garment using a printer is called as Direct to garment printing/DTG printing.

How DTG Printing is done

A specialty printer is employed for doing DTG printing on the garment. The specialty printer called DTG printer comes with a platen which holds the cloth in place. Aqueous inkjet technology is employed for spraying the ink onto the fabric directly. The print head part of the printer is where the inks are filled for spraying the colored inks on the garment.

Is Direct to Garment or DTG good choice for printing designs on fabrics?

Direct to garment printing/DTG printing proves to be useful when the user wants the design to get directly printed on the garment. This printing technique proves its best utility for those jobs where vibrancy of the colors is to be highlighted. All detailed designs and perfectly photographed images come out well on fabric when printed with DTG technology.

Best advantages of DTG technology for fabric printing

DTG works well for printing designs on fabric as it allows printing the artwork directly onto the garment. It certainly looks a time-saving affair. So, apart from the advantage of speed, one can expect following benefits when they employ DTG:

  1. DTG has disrupted the fast moving fashionable clothes production industry by bringing in the much-needed element of sustainability. The users of DTG avoid wastage to an appreciable extent. This technique allows printing custom size orders and, at times, even one or two garments order can be fulfilled. Complying to the expectations of modern users, custom clothing dealers can serve their customers satisfactorily and in a cost-effective manner with DTG. It, certainly, can be scaled up to meet the requirements of bulk order too.
  2. DTG delivers finer results when very intricate designs are to be printed. Since there is no middle element like stencil involved, the design is translated literally as it is on the cloth. Thus, you can expect commendable perfection in work.
  3. There is no limitation of use in terms of color choices. The richest color palates can be achieved on DTG printed garments. Graphics created in sRGB color scheme find the best printing support in DTG.

When to avoid DTG

Though the advantages of DTG are impressive, there are instances when this technology fails to impress. In case you are looking for permanent print on the garment, then this technology is not meant for you. DTG print tends to fade fast. It is not meant for transparent or less opaque elements too. these areas appear as gaps on the garment when DTG is employed.

So, take note of the points mentioned above when you choose to shift to DTG technology for printing designs on garments, as these helps picking correct designing support according to your requirement