Silkscreen Printing Singapore

Customize fabric in stylish look with silkscreen printing

Silkscreen printing is a method that is used for applying design or graphic message on T-shirt fabrics. Whenever you come across a T-shirt with graphics, quote or design, it is this printing that has worked behind the scene. This designing method is easy to apply and is quite useful for accomplishing bulk T-shirt orders. Any artwork, too, can be applied onto the T-shirt fabric using this technique. The accuracy of colors of artwork used in silkscreen designing services is achieved with the help of Pantone Matching System or PMS.

Types of silkscreen printing method used popularly

Screen printing which is another name for this printing is of three types:

a. Direct Silkscreen: Direct Silkscreen method involves employing a printer to apply the design directly on to the fabric. It is also popular as direct-to-garment printing. It is cheaper yet advanced type of silkscreen and is of great utility in processing bulk orders.

b. Indirect Silkscreen: Use of a stencil differentiates indirect method from direct silkscreen. The artwork or design is transferred on the stencil first.  The stencil can be a paper, or a roller engraved with design. The colored inks made using emulsified solutions are used to transfer the shade of choice to the substrate. Finally, with the help of heat pressing, the design is transferred onto the T-shirt fabric.
c. Reflective Silkscreen: This printing method is not applicable to fabric but to other smooth surfaces like Aluminum, glass, etc. Reflective inks are used for this type of screen printing.

Main applications of silkscreen prints in clothing industry

As discussed above, the silkscreen print method is used to transfer the design on a T-shirt fabric. However, its use is not limited to creating designer or graphic T-shirts only. Some of the most popular clothing options that can be given a stylish makeover with screen printing are:
a. Jackets and Hoodies
b. T-shirts of various styles such as polo, round neck, long-sleeve and so on
c. Teamwear jerseys, shorts and socks
d. Caps
e. Fabric bags
f. Towels and many others.
Thus, screen printing is used for branding activities too. Creating branding merchandise becomes easy. The requirement of uniformity of design and production of clothes with logo or tagline can be easily met with the screen printing solutions.

How the cost of screen printing work is determined

To prepare the quote for fabric screen printing work, the service providers take into account following factors.
a. Quantity
Bulk orders’ per unit charge comes out to be less than that of limited piece orders.
b. Complexity of design
The complex designs require different stencils and meshes to bring idea into form. Thus, simple designs cost comparatively less.
b. Special effects, if any
Screen printing is not only about work done using solid inks. It can also be used to create different kinds of special effects such as luminescence effect, faux suede effect, cracked prints, and others. Cost of these effects add to the budget accordingly.
So, reach to a professional silkscreen Printer in Singapore if you are planning to come up with the T-shirts and merchandise that speak to its end users.